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Published by Chicken in a Snowstorm Press (2000)

Size: 8.5in x 11in

Condition: new

A story of the desert from a sunrise to another sunrise on the following day, each hour with its own page. Each page is a different paper whose color has something to do with the intensity of the light. Each image is suitable to what might be happening at that time of day. The printing process is photocopy with pochoir. Handwork includes acrylic, color pencil, gouache, aquerelle sticks and pastel. Special papers include Thai tissue, recycled with coffeebean chaff, recycled with garlic skins, Ingres, lokta, translucent vellum, acetate and urban metallics. The cover is handmade Himalayan mounted on rag with a sun and moon built out of plaster and hand leafed in gold or aluminum.