28 x 13 + 1

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Published by Chicken in a Snowstorm Press (2003)

Size: 11.5in x 8.75

Condition: new

Robert Graves wrote about the ancient Druidical alphabet consisting of 13 consonants. Each of these letters also represented a lunar month. Each month and the extra day, the winter solstice, was represented by a tree. Each tree in this project has a chapter of 5 pages. The beginning page gives the information about the letter and contains a quote specifically about the tree. This is followed by a poem, by one of 14 different poets, and a minor illustration. The final 2 pages have images of the leaf of the tree and a major illustration. Each chapter is under this format but is unique in terms of its materials and visual concept. The printing process is photocopy with pochoir, photocopy transfer and letterpress. Handwork is in color penil, pastel, spray acryllic, glitter glue, sewing and collage. Special papers include book cloth, mica, super metallics, lokta, lami-li, mi-teines, translucent vellum, acetate, hanji natural, Ingres and Indian text. Binding is coptic stitch.